Unable to save project as a conceptual mass in revit ! Please Help!

so i created this parametric element for a facade of a tower im designing , i want to save it as a conceotual mass so i add it to the actual tower i designed in the conceptual mass in revit but i cant seem to know how to do it
i tried to do it as this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcGJwm2byEc&t=84s i also tried to follow a forum where he suggets using Import Instance.ByGeometry node , still doesnt work!

when i open conceptual mass and run the dynamo script it keeps running forever and never actually runs
please help!, thanks

Hi and welcome!

There are two ways you can design Conceptual masses via Dynamo.

  1. Use dynamo Within a Revit project (most prefered)
  2. Use Dynamo within an Conceptual Mass Family or Generic Model Family File

Number 1 is most preferable because you can reference objects from the project. You can do this with normal Dynamo nodes 2nd.dyn (232.0 KB)

Make sure you provide Solids in the FamilyType.ByGeometry

thanks alot , you’re a life saver ! much appreciated