Dynamo 2.0.1 Not Running

I am running Revit 2019 and Dynamo 2.0.1
For some reasons, when I start a new dynamo project and set it to be run manually, it stops running after several runs. It keeps saying Run Started… but never ends. This problem makes dynamo unusable. Any suggestions to how I could possibly fix this problem?

Hi @DynaNight

How big is your graph? Could you drop screenshot.

Do you have any selections or commands active in Revit? Do you have any Pick Model Element nodes in the graph that it’s waiting in?

Likely you have started a command by hitting a key on your keyboard. This can be avoided by updating Revit 2019 to the current version.

Happened to me before. I had a big graph and huge custom nodes that where not optimized memory wise. It did indeed made me want to throw my computer away.

Optimizing the memory usage of the graph solved the problem.

Do you use a lot of functions that dealt with geometries ?

Kulkul, Sean1, JacobSmall, mellouze

Hello Guys,

Thank you for your prompt response!
I would like to say that I have updated Revit 2019 this morning to and Dynamo is working fine.
My script is running on several occasions with no delays or stalling along the way.
Also, I am now able to select multiple nodes and delete them using Delete Key.

I have attached the Definition for your reference which does not have much only some python and code blocks.

Fingers crossed it will work well from now on.

Many thanks for your help.


Should be fine. The issue was with the lack of update causing multiple versions of a library to load at once, which causes only the most recent to be used. This creates a conflict between Dynamo and Revit so all key-presses default to the Revit instance. It was caught pretty quick and the teams worked hard to get the first patch out that resolved the issue.

I recommend updating in the first two weeks of release specifically to prevent these types of issues. Yes this means you have to roll out the software, but with the types of content pushed you don’t want to be left behind.