Dynamo 2.0.2 Bug

i’m a new beginner user of dynamo starting learn it a few days ago, my probleme is the visual program doesn’t execute and dynamo stop up. Sans%20titre if someone can help me hope to resolve the probleme.

think you a lot

Do you mean there is no stop button to kill a script mid run? If so to my knowledge Dynamo does not have a kill function.

thinks for your attention.

in dynamo nothing show up and it still block at " run started " for more than 10min without any result noj execution for the code

I just tested you script is it is working fine for me.

Are you using Dynamo for Rivet? Pull up Revit so it is the active window and hit escape a couple of times. If a command is is ruining in Revit Dynamo waits for this command to execute or be cancelled.

yes i use dynamo for revit, for me the probleme is not in the programme but in execution i’ve restarted dynamo and trying other script it’s start working fine but after a while the same probleme repeted

What version of Revit are you using? Sounds like you need an update as certain versions had a conflict where keyboard input (ie: delete, ctrl +c, etc) would ‘stick’ to Revit keeping you from making headway.


i’m using revit 2019 exactly i’ve a conflict with some keybord input (delete, ctrl+c…)

Update to the latest version of 2019. This was fixed in 2019.1 and up.


my autodesk app show me that i have the latest version of revit because i’ve just install revit this evening and the bug still with dysfonction of some keybord input as you say

I hate to say it, but the Autodesk App is likely lying. What does this say for you?

Specifically we’re after the 3rd number below the X to close that window.

Also make sure you do not have a command in Revit active when you press Run. It will go and go until the command is stopped.

this what i’ve as a version, if i install other version of revit as 2018 or 2017 it will work fine ?

Yes. Or you could update 2019 to the current version (2019.2.1). Autodesk Revit 2019 Product Updates

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think you very much @jacob.small for your help i very appreciate that think you the probleme solved for me i update revit and dynamo work fine for me know i can learn it hhh can you give some advice about learning dynamo

There are a few forum posts on this already, one of the more complete ones is here: Dynamo Class? - #3 by Kulkul

The Dynamo Primer is where I reccimend everyone start.

think you very much for your help.
I really appreciate that and the way how community help each others of this forum think you a lot