Dynamo not working in revit 2021

Trying to run Dynamo after the installation of the Revit hotfix 2021.1.3 and it stops working. it gets stuck saying “running started…” and the application just gets frozen. only happen in Revit 2021 any other version is ok. Please, help

Welcome info.canada! Here are a couple of things to check.

  1. Make sure all of your nodes in your graph are grey, before you run the script. I have come across several custom nodes where the input had to be updated when going from 2019 to 2020 and to 2021. These should show up yellow automatically when you open your graph directly in Dynamo.
  2. Since Dynamo is part of Revit and no longer an addon, Revit hotfixes may reinstall Dynamo. So if you have any custom packages installed, check to make sure they are still getting loaded correctly. You may have to reinstall or re-path to any definitions/packages that you may have placed in a custom folder location.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @staylor for your reply. I was able to fix the issue. the nodes disappear completely and I was not able place any new node. but I noticed that it happen when I installed Revit 2022. Once I uninstalled Revit 2022 and reinstalled Revit 2021 everything when to normal. It is something about the version of the generative design tool in Dynamo. Not sure what it is exactly.

Hello @info.canada - Can you check the Console to see if anything is failing? You can access this by going to: View → Show Console which shows the Dynamo Log. You can copy and paste this log into a post here :slight_smile:

CC @ziyun.shang @nate.peters