Download dynamo sandbox freezing

When trying to download Dynamo sandbox it keeps freezing on initializing preferences. I’ve already moving it to my “program files(x86)” folder and the “appdata” folder. Running as administrator doesn’t work either.

Any possible solution would be greatly appreciated.

I got the same issue, tried to install run as admin for both my work and personal laptop. Stuck at this splash window. I am currently trying other Dynamocore runtime to see if other builds will work. I hope someone can help us.

This solution might help us

Dynamo Core Runtime 2.4 Not Running After Download - Dynamo (

@21043124 can you verify you have followed the instructions on the download page and unzipped using 7zip? (not built in windows unzip etc) or have manually unblocked the zip before expanding?

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Unzipping it with 7-zip seems to have worked, thank you very much.