Dynamo Sandbox issues

  1. just downloaded and installed Sandbox 2.4 but it doesn’t run
  2. so i used 2.0 instead which runs OK but it cannot install packages i.e. clockwork, says “Search returned no results” when installing packages

any idea and/or workaround?

What do you mean doesn’t run? Can you try to start it and then check the details page of task manager to see if there is anything showing up there for Dynamo?

Open the package manager and wait a minute or two before you search. Eventually the package listing should populate and you can search then. If the package listing never occurs try downloading and installing packages manually by going to https://www.dynamopackages.com/.

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thanks Jacob.
Sandbox 2.4 cannot be started (doesn’t show in task manager)
Sandbox 2.1 can be started but online packages search doesn’t work so manual install may needed as you just suggested.

How did you install 2.4? What program did you use to unzip the download?

Can you reach dynamopackages.com via web browser? The amount of time that takes to spoil will be about equal to the amount of time it takes to load up for the in product search. I have seen periods where this takes as much as 5 minutes (because internet).

i just download Sandbox 2.4 and right mouse click on zip file to use default window unzip function (?), i must miss some steps, isn’t it?
i managed to manually install packages for Sandbox 2.1, thanks for your help!

Try unzipping with 7zip. The dlls required are often blocked from opening by windows otherwise.

See this page for more info: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/wiki/How-to-Utilize-Dynamo-Builds#troubleshooting

thanks Jacob, i just tried using 7zip to unblock files, seem i still cannot start this latest version (2.4), well, i’ll stick to 2.1 for now.

try 2.4.1 we fixed some sandbox startup issues. (you need to use 7zip) - www.dynamobuilds.com


works great! thanks Michael.

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