Door Fire Rating

Not sure why this isn’t working. I did exactly according to the video! Using Revit 2021

You need the Wall Type, not wall instance.

Thank you, but it looks like I don’t have that option. Is that native to dynamo or is that part of a package?

Use Element.GetType node after Host node.

Thank you, but since I’m new to this, could you spell it out? I’m sorry, I’m just spinning my wheels here.

What am I doing wrong? Can someone please help? I tried a hundred different variations and its still not working. Thanks!!!


First of all. I had a quick look at the video. You are using different nodes
and your Graph doesn’t seem to match the Graph in the video (at least not in your second image).

For your first image you need to wire the GetParameterValue into the value of SetParameterValue.

Yes, that is correct, because in the second image I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Thanks- I’ll try it now!

Also show people the warning you get form the nodes that end up being yellow.

Now its telling me that no parameter is found by that name.

In the video I posted, the parameter was an instance parameter, whereas here I am trying to make a type parameter. Can someone show me what the graph is suppose to look like?

Same problem.


I can’t snip and have the warning showing. It says that “no parameter was found by that name”. I already uploaded a screenshot of the name of the parameter… No spelling errors.

Are you sure you added the parameter also to the doors?

Nevermind. Keep forgeting you made it a Type Parameter.

You need the push to value to the ‘individual Door Type’ and not to all the ‘instances’ of all the Doors
(hence the instance appproach in the video is easier).

I am not on a PC with Dynamo so i can’t show you atm.


Ok - well it would be a huge help if someone can show me how to make this work. I really appreciate all the help and sorry for all the questions!

It is a bit more complicated as well… What if a Door of the same Type is in both a Wall with Fire Rating 30 and Fire Rating 60? Hence the instance way as shown in the video is the better approach to keep it simple. Or you can make a second Parameter (just for the Doors) which is an Instance Parameter.

Not really related to the topic but…
To snip an error message in Dynamo I normally do it like this :slight_smile: