Wall Built-in Parameter "Fire Rating"

Dynamo Newb here…

I am trying to use “Fire Rating” parameter within wall to update wall tag…(“Fire Rating” seems to be a built-in revit parameter for walls and doors).

I cannot seem to make that parameter list from dynamo…I even tried doing a revit look-up addin to see what I should be looking for…but nothing showed up in there either…




Let me know how I can get to that parameter.


You need to obtain element.type first since it is a type parameter.


Thank you so much for the quick reply, John.
I actually have another question… :slight_smile:

Reason I wanted to try to list that parameter value was so that I can use it to update Wall Tag type in Revit… So, if “Fire Rating” says 1, then it would grab a wall tag family type for 1 hr rating…
when using regular parameter(shared parameter), the tag updates fine, but when trying to use the built-in one, tag would not change… any ideas?

Troy Gates was able to help me out :slight_smile:
I needed to use “String” node instead of the “Number” node…

thanks all for your helps! :+1:

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Can you please send me the script which you used. I am trying to do the same thing. i have no knowledge of dynamo right now.

Why would you not just make a wall tag that uses the Fire Rating of the wall?
Seems like a lot of work for something Revit already does.