Door Details, Fire Rating linked to Door Schedule

Hi all: I am new to Dynamo and my office has tasked me to develop our office REVIT template.

Please find a link below to what is an attempt at a script to extract a door fire rating based on the host wall fire rating and for the resultant door fire rating to appear on the door schedule. A note: I used the clockwork add-on.

[Dynamo Script](

Currently, the “Fire Rating” parameter is a type parameter for both wall and door. I got it to work for with instance parameters, but not for type parameters. Where am I going wrong?

Also, in my project I have a specific wall type that is just the “residential demising wall type.” It is 1-hour rated, but for entrance doors placed within those walls, I want to be able to use a conditional formula where the 45 minute door value would be reduced to 20 minutes just for those doors.

In other words:

All walls except residential unit doors:

1 Hour Walls: 45 minute rated doors
2 hour walls: 90 minute rated doors
1 hour rated residential demising walls: 20 minute doors.

Lastly, and in addition to this fire rating issue:

I already heave head, jamb, and sill details drawn on a drafting view and placed on a sheet for hollow metal and wood swing and sliding doors, for both stud walls and cmu walls. I would like my schedule to be able to pick up on what type of wall the door is placed in so that the corresponding door/head/jamb details can automatically populate into the schedule. Anyone have any ideas as to how to do this using type parameters?

Thanks so much!!