Assigning a value to a hosted object

Hi all,

Having difficulty in getting my doors to pull the fire rating from the walls they are hosted in. this looked easy, but guess I’m missing something.

Any advice would be greatly received!

Missing one more node

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Or you could replace WallType.Name and WallType.ByName with Clockwork’s Element.Type node. :wink:

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thanks John and Andreas!

Hi Johan / Andreas,

S0 I’ve tried both versions and they do pick up the Fire Rating from the Walls (If I create a new Instance Parameter called Fire Rating)

I can see to work it so that it picks up on the existing Type parameter that walls and doors already have.

Also it isn’t pushing the wall rating back onto the door for some reason (no errors are displayed)

Any ideas?

Many thanks

Ok sussed - I have the final set parameter element coming from the wall node and not the door - it was obscured by other nodes - guess thats why its good to use teh cleanup node layout function…

still working on the issue of getting and pushing back to the type parameter though - guessing I have a node which is designed to look at the instance in my string