Linking Doors Hosted on Walls to Details on Sheet

I have doors that are hosted on walls. The parameter I have embedded within each wall type has a letter and number. For sake of conversation, say I have door 62 hosted by Wall Type A20.

I have head, jamb, and sill details drawn and placed on sheets already and would like to link them to the head/jamb/sill detail columns on my schedule based on the type of wall the doors are hosted in (type A28, A20, etc). How do I do this?

It will be very similar to your Fire Rating graph. Get the Wall Type from the Host Instance, then read the three Detail from the wall type of the wall, then plug them in the door accordingly for instance parameters.

I guess the question is, is if I have multiple instances, how do I make only one of them show up on the schedule?

So for a regular stud wall, I may have a wood door, an HM door, a sliding door. How do I write-in a conditional statement such that multiple parameters apply?

Either use separate parameters, or yes you’ll need an if statement. Again, I believe the fire rating graph I gave you has a design script if statement for hour rating. I’d assume you could do the same based on either door type name, or some additional parameters. Without knowing how your doors and walls are parametrized, it makes it a little hard to help with specifics.



I think I am going to echo a bit of @bvs1982 and suggest that you dig into your door families and types. I know “my” approach isn’t applicable to everyone, but I think you need a better setup for Door Types to really make something like this work smoothly. I think you know how to do the parameter transfer from the post I mentioned, but your parameter setup is what’s holding you up in my opinion.

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Ok. Not sure why I am getting an error that no such parameter exists. Kinda frustrated.

It looks like it says (IM) and not (HM) for param names…

It is HM. I also tried it with a different parameter. Didn’t work.

Ok, must be image resolution.

So here we are again…
To add to @SeanP comments, and i’ll repeat myself, you really bit more off than you can chew. Also it looks like you overcomplicate things. In my opinion you don’t even need that
many Parameters for the detail (i might go into more detail tomorrow).

I’ll put you in the right direction;
Those parameters aren’t type parameters

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Not sure why this worked for my fire rating graph. Looking forward to more learning. Thanks!

Your not setting the param on the door, but rather the wall again.

Sean- I literally used the fire rating graph as the basis for this one. I set instance params for doors and type params for walls. What am I doing wrong?


What really can help is to sketch (a part of) your Graph on paper first. Just a rough outline and make some notes.

Wasn’t the GetParameter node you use in the new part too for getting Type Parameters only?
And you are now feeding Instant Parameters?

Next time also post the warning message from the yellow node(s).

The nodes are exactly the same as in the green group below… why does it work for the door graph but not for this?

By the looks of it you are feeding Walls and
they don’t have that Parameter.

@SeanP mentioned it already :point_down:.

If someone can draw a line where I am not booking up the nose correctly, I would greatly appreciate it. I am not getting it.