Create project parameter for sheets bug


Hello Dynamo community,

This is my very first post here at the forum.
I have a problem with a script or actually with result of a script.
I wanted to create parameters in project via Excell+Dynamo.
And the thing is that script did the job it created parameters(no warnings whatsoever),but some categories and i am speaking particulary about sheets seemed to behave strange:
1.I write data in parameter(in Revit) and it seems to be in the block
2.However in sheets it does not show any changes.

and I am left with questions ,does it have to do something with the transition between the parameter and sheet?Or does it have to do with the method of creation of those parametrs.
I have a felling that “The Truth Is Out There” somewhere here
Create Project Parameter from Shared Parameter, but still i am clueless.

I add my script here:

Dynamo version 2.0
Revit 2018

Positive energy,