Create ISE VE geometry GBXML file using Dynamo and Revit

Hi all,

We have to create building models in IES VE ( which we then run building analysis calculations against the geometry for overheating, daylighting and CFD analysis and creating the model in IES is very slow and requires the engineer to interrogate a revit model to understand the geometry before re-building it in IES before he can run his calculations. There is a plug in for Revit but we’ve tested it and it doesn’t work very well and needs so much cleaning up in IES that it is slower than rebuilding it from scratch.

I want to use dynamo to extract the coordinates of the architectural rooms/spaces and then generate simple 3D geometry that can then be exported to GBXML so that IES can read it.

Has anyone come accross this method before and could help to guide me along?


It’s doable.

Not sure how IES will handle it, but that is a good start anyway.

I am using TAS in my case and export works fine as 3D geometry and then using TASmanianDevil to transfer all other data between Revit and simulation tool. When I build model in Revit it export fine to TAS so you should invest time in smart model rebuilding in Revit …

I’m not an IES user and I have never tested this but doesn’t IES has it’s own Revit Plugin? This link says that it does.

@ChrisS Have you had any luck? I’ve been working on this process recently. Right now, it’s setup the following way, but with mixed results:

  1. Use first script to create detail lines of the wall’s core center. Engineer can take it from here to AutoCAD for final cleanup and then to IES to use the construct dxf option. I’m currently still looking into creating a script to outline the windows as it currently leaves it out.

  2. If the engineer would like to use gbXML, the engineer can now run another script to build off of the detail lines created in step 1 and build generic walls from those detail lines.

The process isn’t perfect and still requires manual tweaks after running the scripts. If there’s a better workflow, I’m open to hearing more. I appreciate any feedback!