gbXML export node needed!

I am looking for simple node that will just export gbXML with current settings. I need Export Category with Spaces?


Maybe this can help you?

Thank you for quick reply. I was very excited that found solution so quickly. However this does not work in sense what I need. This file/script does not contain building data. I need this for energy simulation. So I need revit level of detail export. This solution you sent me does not work as building data is missing. It needs to be compliant with gbXML.

Hi, does anyone manage to generate gbXML export node for spaces?

Try using bakery package node.

thanks, but I need one that allow me to export spaces

@Michal_Dengusiak hello! I have the same problem with you. There seems to be no such nodes for Dynamo so far. Have you found out something useful for this?

This is strange but unfortunately not. This is not possible right now to export gbXML with spaces using Dynamo…

The functionality is already in the API and the Bakery node has already exposed it. I presume that all you’d need to do to get spaces instead of rooms would be to change the ExportEnergyModelType of the export options:

@Dimitar_Venkov I have tried to change the exsiting code “Tool.ExportDWF” to gbxml. The screenshot below is the changed one.

But it doesn’t work. I don’t have enough knowledge of the python script so I don’t know how to fix it. The problem seems to be related to GBXMLExportOptions. I probably need to add something to edit the options before use the code “Doc.Export (String, String, GBXMLExportOptions)”.Can you figure out the problem of the code?

Write to gbXML Data exports only rooms and not full gbXML data project…
I do n ot want to export just spaces…I want to export entire building with construction, spaces, surfaces etc…

Hi anyone found solution for this…? still not working

I think this might be a move in the right direction. What software are you using for your energy simulation?

GBXML export.dyn (3.4 KB)


Hi @T_Pover

THANK YOU very much… you added amazing step to my process…Congratulations!
Possibly I will be able to run simulation with one click from Revit… I am using TAS as calculation engine. Lets see…
thanks a lot!

It works great with all current settings but I would like to better understand how does it export.
How do we control export coomplexity…see image below? I always use Complex and this what I have saved in Revit. Does it take my current setting from model?

That’s good to hear!
If you can show me all the settings that you use in Revit, then I’ll try to simulate that by using code. After that it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust the settings yourself in the code if needed.

Sounds great,
OK here are set of setting for detail cals:

  1. Space

  2. Settings: so Complex with Mullions and Un-tick Export Default Values, tiny Silver Space Tolerance

Alright, I think I added all the options in the code and commented some out that I didn’t use.
GBXML export.dyn (4.0 KB)


Thanks a lot now we have great clean code for exporting gbXML, :ok_hand:

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Hello T_Pover,
Your solution is amazing !!!
And I also use your PythonScript to export GBXML to Green Building Studio. But I found another parameter when export GBXML in Revit2017: “Detailed Elements”, which I want to tick it. I have work on it for time, but cannot achieve it by your PythonScript. Could you please tell me how to modify the PythonScript? Thank you so much

Hello Kailun,

That’s great to hear.
I’ve been looking for this option in the Revit API but I can’t seem to find it. I would expect to find it among the EnergyDataSettings as the other settings are found there as well:
Maybe the API does not have access to it yet because it’s only recently been added since Revit 2017.

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