Get Hollow Geometry/Faces with window openings for IES

Hi All,

Hopefully this is an easy one, I just cant figure it out.
See the attached Graph. I am working on a workflow to Go from Revit to IES software for energy calculations. I know there is an IES Revit addon, but it’s terrible and causes the engineers to have to carry out extensive edits to the IES model, so the below is my current workflow:
Get room Geometry in Revit using Dynamo (By wall centerline) > Export to Sketchup > IES addin from Sketchup into IES

I need to be able to get the rooms Geometry, but need to include openings for Windows and Doors. The attached script pretty much does this, but it is “notching” the room geometry where the windows are, where i need it to just be a face with an opening - Hopefully that makes sense?

I am thinking of creating a bounding box of the “notched” solids for each room, then interference check and that should give me what i need? essentially i need just the faces with an opening rather than a solid.

Im testing this on the attached Revit file (Revit 2020) and using Dynamo 2.2.1. Ive taken the python scripts out of some custom nodes, namely from Arch-Lab as my company and some of the staff using this do not want to have to install custom packages (annoying).

Any herlp is appreciated
2.2.1_Create IES Geometry.dyn (132.5 KB) IES Model Demo.rvt (2.7 MB)

Hello, did you end up figuring it out? I’m testing out this workflow, but the building I have has some complex walls and curves so I can’t even get past that part. I’ve tried your script as well. I’ll keep testing and let you know if I come across anything else.