Get more Analytical Surface Information From Revit Model


I am attempting to extract information from Revit regarding analytical surfaces. When we export a gbxml, Revit breaks the information down way too much, making it unfeasable to use with HAP. Therefore, I decided to take the matter into my own hands and extract what I need instead.

This is all the information I can take from the model:

Which is pretty good but I also need:

-Which space it belongs to
-Which direction it is facing

I’ve already tried using a location code block but that doesn’t return anything. And to my surprise, it has nothing related to the space.

Anyone has tried this before, any ideas?


May be more efficient ways for this, but i’d try these:

  1. If your spaces are aligned with your rooms (or you have a list of rooms contained by each space) you can use the node in the rhythm package. The node might even work for spaces (or you might be able to modify it) but I don’t know and can’t test it. Alternatively you could thicken the surface in both directions with a distance 2x the wall thickness and then do a run a “does intersect” with the geometry of every space, filtering spaces not intersected and then pulling the data that way. Fairly computationally intensive though so I hope you have some time to let it think.

  2. For direction try getting the normal from the surface and compare that vector to the vector for true north.

Did you get anywhere with this? I’m about to embark on my own journey to get useful data into HAP.

Not really. The wall count limitation on HAP is really frustrating and honestly, the easier solution is likely to either export and dumb down gbxml and also use another software for calcs (maybe Trane Trace).