gbXML - How to replace seperation line with wall?


I am trying to find a way using Dynamo - as this is not possible with revit - to replace space separation line with Revit wall. If this can be done both way this would be even better.

Problem is that I try to use one model for “ies” and “TAS by edsl” dynamic simulation software’s. With TAS it is very easy as each element is well recognized with wall type ID so we can each type wall really control but in ies walls are imported only as internal, external and we loosing all types, names references etc… so I need to be able easily switch elements in Revit to provide satisfactory results

thanks for help


Anyone got any suggestion or idea?

Try this:

Space Separation Line is really called RoomSeparationLine and that’s the Category that you are after.
You want to create a wall so there are handful of options. I like Wall.ByCurveAndLevels as that makes it nicely constrained in height between two levels. For that you will need Curve, two Levels and a Wall Type.


Use Element.Geometry to get Dynamo Curve from a Model Curve. It’s important to understand that Revit and Dynamo are two separate software. They have different geometry engines and are not compatible. So we always convert between Revit geometry and Dynamo geometry.


A model Curve that Separation Line really is, is based on a level or a sketch plane. I am making an assumption that its a Level. Use this Python code to get that level.




End Level:

That would be level above for most of the use cases. I just made a simple Python node that will take a level input and return level above it:




Wall Type:

This is very straight forward. Just use WallTypes drop down.

Here’s all of it together: