Revit to AutoCAD layout using Dynamo (is it possible?)

Hi Guys,

This will be the first post of many but I am looking for some quick input on this to see if my project idea can progress.

Basically, I am looking to create a 3D built environment in Revit to allow navigation of an Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV) around the defined space.

My first stage of this project will be to use just AutoCAD 2D layouts along with an AIV and camera for navigation.

My next stage then is to take a basic Revit model of a typical rectangular room with benches etc. in the space. I want to then create a plan view of that space in Revit and use Dynamo (or similar software) to extract the internal boundaries of the space and export this to a 2D AutoCAD layout. The heights of the walls etc do not matter as I just want a basic 2D layout to begin with (i.e. anything 100mm or above can be ignored for now).

Is it possible to use Dynamo scripts to extract this information and to input into AutoCAD, or is this just not possible? I`m trying to figure this out asap so as I can know if I need to take a different route to obtain the same end result.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

If any of this is unclear or more information is required I am happy to do so.

Thanks for your help in advance.



Revit has a way to create AutoCAD files under the file menu.

RTV Tools allow batch export of views/sheets to autocad

Hi ck,

Thanks for the reply.

I had seen this tool previously, however, I was hoping Dynamo could perform this action instead of me having to create sheets with filters etc. to show only internal boundaries every time. If I could make this task more efficient with the use of Dynamo my research is more applicable to industry.

But if this is the only way then I`ll have to work with it :slight_smile:

I was hoping not to have to create sheets just pull the necessary information from views.

It seems I am not understanding what you are after. I was thinking you just want dwg files generated from a revit model. Can you clarify what you would like to be produced?

Hi Dustin,

Sorry for the confusion.

I`m hoping to avoid having to create sheets, filters etc. in Revit and then exporting the dwg to AutoCAD. If I could have a script to do this and save time that would be ideal.

I was looking to inquire if there could be some sort of script created for example:

  • To take ‘Room A’ at ground floor level of the building
  • Only extract the internal boundaries (walls, work-benches etc.)
  • Extract this from Revit to AutoCAD and then create a dwg.
  • If ‘Room A’ is modified, I can run the script again to create a new dwg in AutoCAD.

If I have to keep creating these sheets in Revit I think it may be too time-consuming for what I am trying to achieve (an optimal solution).

Or is it just easier and faster to create this sheet in Revit and save the filters etc.?

The aim of this would be then to use this for the AIV to relate back to when navigating through the space

Hi James, the add-on allow for views as well


I am sure there are script which able to do that :slight_smile:


Apologies I’m away from my desk, but yes pretty simple to do through Dynamo…

Get all rooms, filter out those with 0 area, get room boundaries node, export dwg (I think I use the version in Genius Loci)…

Not sure about coordinates,

I’ll try and have a quick go tomorrow.



Edit: So the API method for exporting a DWG requires a view. So we need to create (dependant with the crop region shifted?) views for each export defined by the room boundaries. Then we can run the export part of the graph.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your input, appreciate it.

I`ll have a go at this script over the next week and update ye :slight_smile:

No worries, I have to stop now, but this is as far as I got…

As with all things which seem simple to start with, there are all sorts of nuances which become apparent once you’re actually doing it.

This process has all the bits in it you need (I think) but you’ll need to tweak levels and mapping to get it to run.

I’ve gone to a lot of effort to create new rectangles for each room view. I had fails using the room finish boundaries as a crop box, they wouldn’t always create closed sets of curves. The crop boxs will contain the room boundary lines which you’re wanting to show in your DWG (I’ve hidden everything else in the view).

Hope that helps,


Capture ExportRoomBoundariesToDwg.dyn (112.9 KB)

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