Create Assembly views and sheets

Hello guys,

I need your help. I’m working on a series of assemblies (997) and I have to create views (floor plan, elevation right, and front and 3D view) for each one. I have done the first one manually to check all the info I need, especially for putting them in the title block.

But, as you might see from the picture, I am using Tool.AssemblyViews from Steam Nodes and when I run the script nothing happens.

Has anybody of you guys had the same issue?

Thank you for your help

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I have even a bigger problem, cause there is a warning “This custom node contains an invalid input. Please fix the input before saving custom node.” in Tool.AssemblyViews (package 1.2.4, but also tested 1.2.3 - Revit 2021). What can I do with that?

@Julien_Benoit1 could you help with that issue?

What does the red warning box say?
Possibly changing the captial ‘A’ in a ‘a’
in ‘Assembly List’ might help. Same for ‘List’.
So ‘assembly list’.

Also you might need to replace
‘Flatten’ in ‘DSCore.Flatten’ later.

Thank you for answering.

Changing Flatten to DSCore.Flatten is working, but Assembly input still doesn’t work.

Try what the warning box says first please.
So one word with no CAPITALS in it.
The > means the name of the ‘box’ you can wire into isn’t valid.

As I said, I did that and it doesn’t work.

Remove ‘List’ from it too.
It should be ‘one word’.
The warning box says without spaces.
In other words just ‘assembly’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Ok, then there’s no warning, but nothing happens - what can be wrong here?

For the Sheets null i noticed there is ‘False’ wired into the CreateSheet.

It’s because I wanted only views, but even with true parameter nothing happens.

I have no Dynamo available today so i can’t have a look myself.
For now i can only speculate…
My guess for now you need to wire something else into ‘assembly’. Maybe not a Type but a Category. Also see Create assembly view of unique assemblies.

Thank you for that link, I’ve made it the same way and no success… again nothing happens :rofl:

Try wiring All Elements of Category into assembly. So remove the rest in between.
Also have a look at the Lacing of the last node.

I did that as a first try :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean by Lacing of the last node?

I ran out of ideas. Can’t do much more without checking it in Dynamo.

I uderstand, thank you for trying!

Did you try changing the Lacing too?
In most examples i have seen
it is set on Shortest |.

I’ve tried all off the options - no success.

maybe this, the way you did it is looking for a DSCore input


Looking through the forums today i came across this.
So maybe output names also need to be changed.

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