Creating Assembly Views, Sheets, and Schedules

I’m interested in how I can automate an assembly view creation through Dynamo. Creating the Assembly and then creating those sheets. I realize this is going to have to be scripted with nodes using Python, but that’s far out of my league at this point. Has anyone accomplished Spool Drawings using this? Schedule Sizing and Sheet Placement Automation? I have found Harry Mattison’s code from AEC DevCamp 2012. Does anyone know where I should start? Thank you! I appreciate any support at this point!

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Thanks to Julie Benoit, his new release of Steam Nodes answers this original question. The only problem I seem to be having now, is how to rename these assemblies. At this point in time it is defaulting the nme to the category that it is classified under, and then just adding an additional number to each subsequent assembly. Here is my current layout. I would love to know the solution! Thanks everyone!


Cleaned Up
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I would like to be able to adjust all of these fields, but how would I also go about renaming this assembly.


coming soon.

This right here shows the power of the Dynamo community!!! Thank you Julien!

I am not sure if I understood this right, but Revit already has an almost automated process for creating assembly sheets, views and schedules.

When you select a family (or building component) and create the assembly, there is an icon called ‘Create Views’. This will show a window where you can select all possible views within a specific scale (3D Ortho, Plan, Sections, Elevations, Part List, Material takeoff, Schedules), and also select the titleblock family (size and type). All you have to do is to drag the views into the desired position.

I see that among some options you have with Dynamo is to write some parameters (sheet name, checker, author, etc.), but what else you need that is missing from this built-in Revit alternative?



Does anybody know how to set the AssemblyOrigin to the Normal of a given element face? Ie. How can I dynamo this when we automatically create all of our assembly views so that the Green arrow in the assembly origin always faces the exterior of the given wall for example?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ive been wondering about that too.

I would really love to do that, but it seems like there are very few options in regards to assemblies. juliens steam nodes are just so awesome, but ive had some problems with the assembly nodes at first, having assembly instances as inputs instead of types, especially when generating views.

its no biggie at all, but the lack of custom nodes and the common form amongst approaches towards assemblies makes me wonder if its simply a lack of support for assemblies in the revit api??

I would like to hear what the current state of handling assemblies are from someone knowledgeable, as assemblies are used extensively in our office and steamnodes were a lifesaver.

There is an extensive support for Assemblies in Revit API, and all of the tasks outlined above can be accessed and/or automated with the right amount of time/motivation. @Tchunoo_Kahng I hope that answers your questions.

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Thats great! I was always intimidated at tackling actual api and put it off for too long.

May I ask for a hint at a starting point in exploring this subject? I was just browsing revitapisearch after posting and did see alot of references for AssemblyOrigin, but syntax examples were only provided in vb, c#, and c++.

I only have experience in python, and just barely enough to read and sometimes tweak python scripts in custom nodes, which was also were my first real engagement with coding happened.

I frequent many references including your blog(which sparked my interest in methods of documenting curtainwalls), thebuildingcoder and such, but always felt it was overwhelming, considering my current level of experience.

Well, please show some work, an example file and I am sure someone will pick this up. I would also recommend starting a new thread for this. Hijacking existing threads with new questions is not recommended.

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great topic!. Can I use the Node to create views of unique assembly types? The instance requirement duplicates views, if I have more than one assembly instance. It gives a warning about deleting existing views, but its does the job. I’m stuck on how to get the Tool to create only instances below is my progress graph.

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here are some examples of graphs used to document assemblies. Lets start All about assemblies tread to take care of these needs.


Wuillian I just starting out on the path you started a few years ago with Dynamo to help with creating my assembly sheets and schedules. Parts list has always been a joke and who has time to modify each parts list to the extra fields and formatting you want. The last few day’s I’ve been digging through all the posts and trying to gather the parts that I need. Your finished example is really sweet! I’m just going through each step one at a time to help get my mind around what each one will generate. I was wondering about a few of the custom nodes I’ve seen in your screen shots. I wasn’t sure what packages they are from or if they are custom nodes you’ve created.

Create Sheets From Asemblies
Set Assembly Name To Assembly Number
Create Bill of Material for Assemblies

Thanks for all your posts they have really helped give me a path and understanding what is possible.


Yes, each is a graph to do a tedious task during my detailing work flow. I have in mind about another dozen I need, but have not had the time to develop. Be great if I can get another member in the assembly team an we will be well on our way to revit for fabrication.

Need the most wanted pacakges steamnodes, clockwork, ect.
most of them are custom functions base on project parameter in a revit template+family. below is an updated video, I will try to make them more friendly with the new dynamo player features. Big UPs! to the developers.

I need to get more organize and consolidate some of these graphs. also most can be updated with new nodes available from updated packages. you can probably find a “Smart assembly” add-in that will do similar things for a few coins.


New Data Shape update, great.


where i can get this script?

this link will give yo access to my dropbox repository.
note most of the
scripts need to updated since dynamo keeps changing.
please give credit if you use any of these or donate at


Thank you so much

Hi, Anyone please explain about how to get active sheet view in assembly after creating the assembly drawing.