Tool.AssemblyViews Update

I often find older nodes need to be updated a little to work with newer versions of Dynamo.

For example, in Steamnodes’ Tool.AssemblyViews, I had to change the Output names from the original which had parenthesis and other things that didn’t work. There was no warning, just null outputs.


Do we have any formal way of keeping track of these little fixes?

I guess not. I think that’s too much work, because the are so many custom Packages and Nodes. The most popular Packages get updated regularly anyways.

A Trouble Shoot sticky might be a good idea for when a Scripts isn’t working.

So some point(er)s what to try, look for or loo at. Or some a links to the best topic + solution for the most common questions.

Maybe even mention some add-ins.
I see many questions about exporting and importing to and from Excel. Some add-ins do a better job than a Script (or a sufficient for the OP)

Copy/pasting from the custom node into the main DYN tends to help me debug better than just trying to fix complicated things within the DYF.

Then we have to remember to share the Package’s folder with others using the graph as it is no longer original.

Can you share how you fixed

Edit the Node and add an underscore to inputs and outputs that are reserved words until they all turn black/grey.

i am very new to this. Can you show an example.
i thought would be simple to just create all my assembly views quickly. dont even need on a sheet for now.
I cant get it to work at all…I cant see where anyone else has either.

Thanks for any help

If you see a node like this:
Edit the Node, and change the value of the blue codes until they turn black.