Copy Sheets with Views between Revit models

I simply need to copy drawings from one file to another… This is how we always worked.

It’s achievable as I’ve been developing such a script, however it is dogged with pitfalls and is highly complex. For example: if the destination file doesn’t have the same View Families or View filters then the views will look different. Elevations are created from markers and there is no direct way to locate the markers. If the building has been re-positioned there is no way to accurately calculate the translation…the list goes on and on. However, once the complexities are understood…it then becomes feasible (this is not an open-source project before you ask!):


@markmaas - what happens to all the Keynote Tags once you load a different link file?
Do they maintain association, pick up the new ones?

Keynotes aren’t supported as they’re not exposed in the API.

Your video looks promising & such tool would have very positive impact on flexibility in BIM (currently limited), our workflow, teams & companies structure and inherent design capability in general!

I agree with @Thomas_Mahon.

It is possible and I did something like this for a project of mine using the ElementTransformUtils class as this has some methods that make this simple. It almost works like TransferProjectStandards so you can copy over ViewFamilyTypes and Filters etc copy view to view and you can get the transform for the crop regions/section boxes if you aren’t using scope boxes, but there are still limitations and I also found it to be tedious but not impossible. However, I only did what I had to do to for my project and no more so there are probably many more pitfalls than I stumbled into.

If you are just using this for printing, you can just link all models and then print linked models sheets as explained here…

Perhaps use a yes no parameter in the sheet view to indicate if this is good for for printing and filter those out.

If you blow up a wall everything attached to it will be gone also. But that’s the same with you’re workflow. But I will follow this issue. If there is an solution I will be as excited as you.

There are no drawings. You’re looking at a database. What do you mean with “this is what we always did” you’re talking about a AutoCAD workflow? You can make new sheets and automatic place views on it. Connect viewtemplates to them. Dynamo can read the naming of the sheets from an Excel file. I’m studying on this subject right now. But I’m a newby. So I have to learn a lot. But is fun to learn!


Hi @marcom

Did you find any solution for what you needed?

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Actually I was thinking about something like this this morning and as far as I know other programs like Archicad allow to do that.

Somebody suggested yesterday in the office to replace the whole model by an updated one and recreate again hundreds of sheets/views in the new model… No way.

As far as both models are similar (same view templates, coordinates system and location, etc. ) like a different version of the same project is perfectly feasible.

A view is basically a ‘window’ to the model with some extra properties.
If the needed properties from an existing view are extracted and another view is created with the same properties in another model, it should work.

The more relevant properties are the CropBox, view name, view template, type of view… I believe everything that is needed can be read and written in dynamo.

For instance these are a few of the view properties snooped with RevitLookup addin:


What about all the view based elements (annotations)?

Well, detail items, regions, plan regions, annotations, tags… would require copy and paste aligned to the same place. I think it’s possible with all 2D elements in general.

Graphics overrides and hidden in view elements would be a bigger problem. And all those cheats, masking and faking, specific graphics controlled by vv and not the view template… wouldn’t be easy to replicate.

I’ve been burnt by corruption moving between models too many times to reccomend copy/paste as a method (the safety checks are non existent when using copy paste). You’d be safer if you created the elements anew after reading their location, parameters and all that jazz. More work but a LOT safer. View templates can be transferred using transfer project standards and applied afterwards. Masking regions may not yet be exposed in the API so that’s an issue. Plan regions are what will really kill you. Oh and I believe that your interior elevation tags will be four sheet boxes per triangle… ick.

Where can I get this Node?

Which node?

Does this node Exist ?

I believe the node in question is the “utilities.sheetandviewtransfer” node shown above in the post by @Thomas_Mahon. Is this available anywhere?

@Thomas_Mahon, is this available somewhere, even if it’s for purchase?

@JustinStirling I’ve had a few other requests so I’m planning on allocating some resources to it and restarting the development. I only took it to alpha and I had other projects which started and I put this project on hold ever since.

I can’t give you any dates not unless you need it urgently and I can prioritise it. I wont be releasing this as a Dynamo node, it will be developed as a full Revit add-in with a fancy UI.

DM me to discuss further if you’re still interested.