Copy sheets and floor plan views that exist in a linked model

I’ve been searching, but not finding exactly what I’m looking for in regards to this topic.

Can sheets and views be copied from a linked structural model into an MEP model? I ask this because, in doing the MEP design, we always link in the architecture and/or structural model? Being able to accomplish a task such as this would be a huge process improvement.

Thanks in advance!


Sheets… absolutely. Insert view from file lets you import views (drafting views, schedules, legends, and sheets) from one document into another. Floor plans (and other “model” views) however can not be imported with this method.

To get “model” views you would essentially have to rebuild them to match. Why do you want arch or struct views in your model?

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I liken this to the way an MEP project would have been set up in AutoCAD, prior to the days of Revit. Essentially, the architects would have created the sheets with overall plan views and additional sheets with enlarged views on them. An MEP engineer would generally copy the architects sheets, along with the reference files (Xref). Much of the content would then be deleted, allowing just the Xref to remain as the starting backgrounds for the MEP designs.

That’s what I assumed. Unfortunately the views still have to be recreated. The best way to do this is with scope boxes. If the architect isn’t using scope boxes you’ll have to get the crop boundary and associated level of each linked view and recreate your MEP views with the same properties.

Are scope boxes and/or crop boundaries permissible to be copied from a linked model?

Scope Boxes can be copy/pasted either through the UI or through Dynamo. Crop boundaries have to be created for each view but the process is essentially to get the boundary curves from the linked view and then use those same curves to create the boundary for your new view.

Maybe I can try by using the @john_pierson Rythm node “Document.CopyElementsFromDocument” to copy either the scope boxes (if they exist) or else the boundary curves from the linked model?

I’m guessing it’s also just not that easy and something more would need to be done to turn those into views and get the callouts added?

Here is a working code for that…

I copy the sheets using insert from file and then bring in the views this way. It will also bring in the crop box or scope associated with the view. Very useful when copying multiple enlarged unit plans.

Good to know @scrowe, any chance you can either do a different screenshot of your graph so all of the nodes can be seen? Thanks for sharing!

Can be edited to ad multiple filters for multiple different types of views. I have made several variations of this.

@scrowe, can you possibly expand a little on this method please?

Are you saying that you manually use the INSERT > INSERT FROM FILE > INSERT VIEWS FROM FILE to get the sheets from the linked model into the active model, prior to running this script?

If this is true, when I go to do this, none of the sheets I’m looking to copy over show up in the list as available to copy. Basically only the sheets that are either blank or have drafting views are populated in the list of available sheets to copy, not sheets that have floor plan views on them.

Are you also saying that you’ve got this process down to having the enlarged plans automatically placed on the sheets as well, so they essentially match the layout of the architectural sheets?

After some modification, and struggling with the level usage in the nodes, I was able to modify your script and get it to copy over some floor plans, but didn’t give them element IDs. Not sure where to go form here.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Im sorry I misspoke, I actually only copy the sheets with drafting views from insert from file. I have a script that copies the sheets as well as the views and rename them, but will not put the views on the sheets, I mostly use the above script for hotels or any building with lots of typical unit plans and since we don’t match the arch for those types of sheets its not a issue. BUT if you would like to copy the Sheets and the views with views on the Sheets check out Pyrevit . Theres a great button on there that copies sheets to other open documents (and a ton of other great things, plus if you know python you can add to it as we have). Just opent the arch plan and you plan in the same session, click the button and follow the directions. This has saved us hours of work.

@scrowe, finally getting back to something I was trying to put together months ago. Can you show how you accomplish this task of copying sheets from a linked model please?

I copy sheets from linked models using the PYrevit add-in it actually doesnt have to be linked just both models open in the same session for this.

I copy views from linked models using the dynamo script I have posted above. Remember that the levels have to be named exactly the same in both models. (case sensitive as well).

How do you install this add-in?
I followed the link and I find this

Yes you will have to download on the green download button and install when it is done downloading


Thanks. I’ve downloaded it, but I don´t see any exe, bat, or msi . May be I’ve to copy all the files into Dynamo Directory. Could you explain me how’s it install? Thanks again

There are instructions for downloading on the github page

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If you find the dynamo workflow you want click on it the hit the button that says “Raw” when that opens right click on the page and save. it will save as a .txt file. just remove the .txt extension and it will open in dynamo.

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