Copy sheets and floor plan views that exist in a linked model

I’ve been searching, but not finding exactly what I’m looking for in regards to this topic.

Can sheets and views be copied from a linked structural model into an MEP model? I ask this because, in doing the MEP design, we always link in the architecture and/or structural model? Being able to accomplish a task such as this would be a huge process improvement.

Thanks in advance!

Sheets… absolutely. Insert view from file lets you import views (drafting views, schedules, legends, and sheets) from one document into another. Floor plans (and other “model” views) however can not be imported with this method.

To get “model” views you would essentially have to rebuild them to match. Why do you want arch or struct views in your model?

I liken this to the way an MEP project would have been set up in AutoCAD, prior to the days of Revit. Essentially, the architects would have created the sheets with overall plan views and additional sheets with enlarged views on them. An MEP engineer would generally copy the architects sheets, along with the reference files (Xref). Much of the content would then be deleted, allowing just the Xref to remain as the starting backgrounds for the MEP designs.

That’s what I assumed. Unfortunately the views still have to be recreated. The best way to do this is with scope boxes. If the architect isn’t using scope boxes you’ll have to get the crop boundary and associated level of each linked view and recreate your MEP views with the same properties.

Are scope boxes and/or crop boundaries permissible to be copied from a linked model?

Scope Boxes can be copy/pasted either through the UI or through Dynamo. Crop boundaries have to be created for each view but the process is essentially to get the boundary curves from the linked view and then use those same curves to create the boundary for your new view.

Maybe I can try by using the @john_pierson Rythm node “Document.CopyElementsFromDocument” to copy either the scope boxes (if they exist) or else the boundary curves from the linked model?

I’m guessing it’s also just not that easy and something more would need to be done to turn those into views and get the callouts added?

Here is a working code for that…