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I was thinking if I have a huge project then I want to create several central models for each typical floors for example, then I will create the sheets for each floor and do all the dimension and the annotation in each central file itself, so my question is there’s any idea to copy all the sheets from all the central models and collect it in one separate file to make it easy for numbering the sheets and to print it in one click rather than going to each central file and check the number of each sheet then jump to the next floor (will be in different central file )
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I know it’s possible to print from linked docs. Harry Mattison covers it here in his blog…

You could do something similar with some of the nodes from clockwork/archi-lab/spring nodes perhaps (or could write some Python/custom node if you know how). You could get all sheets in all linked documents, then send these to the Archi-lab PDF nodes. This way you don’t need to recreate the sheets, just print directly from the linked files.


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@Daniel_Woodcock1 is right you can link all your files in one Ghost.rvt file and then collect sheets from multiple link files from your Ghost file and then use archi-lab package “PDF Print”. Below is an example graph.


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Thank you so much, guys,@Daniel_Woodcock1 @Kulkul

so then if I linked all the central files to a separate Revit file let’s name it (sheet file) can I collect all the sheets from the linked files and show it in the sheet file because we need to do QA/QC before printing the sheets

am I make it clear ?
I don’t know if it’s clear enough or I need to explain more
I appreciate your reply guys thanks a lot
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Yes you can. I already showed you how to do that above. In my above example i have 3 links in one file.

What are things your trying to check QA/QC before printing?

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@Kulkul Thank you so much Kulkul
correct me if I’m wrong ,
as I understand from your example you’re gonna collect all the sheets from the linked files and print it straight away to PDF format ,
but my question I need to bring the sheet from all the linked files and show it in the sheet file (the one have all the linked file ) to show it there so I can open the sheets and check it (the name of the sheet , number , any missing tag ) then i can modify that in the central file and reload it again before print it to pdf
because if I have a huge number of sheet and I’m doing numbering it’s much better and easy to bring all the sheets from the linked file to one file and start number it , then you are not gonna miss any sheet otherwise you need to remember in each central file what’s is the last sheet number to start from it , and if you add another sheet after the last sheet you have to modify all the following sheets number
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@JeffT you can also check those parameters and other parameters and tags without bringing the sheet from all the linked files. See below i have accessed parameters (Sheet Name & Sheet Number) directly.

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@JeffT Just an advice why don’t you use excel to create sheet names and numbers and set the values from Dynamo.
It will be much easier and faster.

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I think it’s easier if you will have all the sheets as one package in a separate file so if any of the managers want to take a look at the sheets he will gonna open the sheet file and check them , he doesn’t need to ask som many questions
and if you export it to excel you need to open all the central files to check what this sheet is(it’s floor plan , ceiling plan , sections …) to rename and number, it’s a long processed if you gonna update any small thing
if we can collect all the sheets from the linked files and print it in PDF format ,
I think it should be a way to collect as the sheets from the linked files and copy it to the sheet file !!
or it’s not possible :slight_smile:
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It is possible you need to access Revit API for this

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Thanks a lot, Kulkul
do you think I can copy the elements( views, sheets…) from link file , to sheet file using Revit API
or the elements should be live ( copy the elements from one view to another in the same file )
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Elements should be live.

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So I can’t copy the sheets from the linked files to the sheet file using API ???

Are you looking to just copy sheets or copy sheets with views?

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I agree with @Kulkul, i don’t think you can set parameters from host model to linked model, you can only read that data. You are better keeping a master sheet list in excel, that way you can read and write to excel edit in excel, then when you have made changes in the master sheet list open the linked modes and update.

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the thing is “Revit link window” in visibility/graphic is available in all the views like (floor plan , ceiling plan, elevations, sections…) so you can link to view, but in sheet views “Revit link window” not exist anymore in visibility/Graphics then if I create new sheets in the sheet files and try to link the sheet by view that’s not gonna work at all
I agree with you Kulkul I think I need to create schedule of the sheet in each central model and export it to same excel file in different pages then update it and import it again

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Hi there!

…I have a similar issue, only I want to bring drawings from a linked file into central:

Any ideas?

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