Copy a number value from one paramter to another

I am new Dynamo. I am trying to copy a number value from one paramter to another, when I do this I receive this error message “The parameter’s storage type is not a string”, Any help please ?

use To string to solve this.

If you check the parameters storage type of each of those through Revit they will not match.

A number can be one of three things. a string, a number or an integer.

Please do not create duplicate posts, especially when you have marked the previous post as solved.

Sean, I came back to you and explained that it is still unresolved and I am not sure why ?

Yes, and I responded with a follow up answer. Please understand as well that everyone on here is helping on their own time and that answers will not always be immediate.

as @Steven pointed out, please review the parameters in your mode and verify their “Type” so that we can better understand what format you need it in. If the error message is telling you that the Storage Type is not A string, then try changing the value with a String.ToNumber node as previously instructed to see if that resolves the issue.


You can also use he Object.Type node to compare and see if what you are getting are actual equal.

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