Copy a text parameter to a number parameter

Hello all, I have been dabbling with Dynamo for a little while with not much success but hopefully have a real need for it now (well hopefully it’ll be able to help me).

I created a project parameter as text and for various reasons I now need to run a forumla to add two numbers together but as it’s text you can’t. I have achieved the image attached but cannot get it to write to the new parameter. Is there a way to copy between parameters of different types?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi m.rijsmus,

Thanks for the response, as mentioned I’m pretty new to this so I’m not sure where what you have detailed would fit into my process, any assistance would be gratefully received.


If your problem is that you can not write the value because it is a String and not a Number just place it in between. After Element.GetParameterValueByName and before Element.SetParameterByName