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@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 Is it possible to add a reverse method for PolylineExtensions? Currently this is only possible with curves.reverse or by building a custom node.

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Hi Paolo,

I am facing an issue with custom subassembly import, Please find the ATC files of the same Jacobs GG184_905E9ABF-24D5-491D-A290-61A0CFAEB810.atc.txt (173.4 KB) RAK_40CD5AF1-D1EA-486D-BED2-F1CD0C51A597.atc.txt (75.6 KB)

Thanks alot for all the support.
@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 Just for information log file is attached in bellow post.

Hi, I have warning at DocumentExtensions.GetDocumentStyles node. Can anyone test this node and let me know if it is working?
get styles error


I have an issue working with hatches in Dynamo. In Civil 3D, I have quite a lot of hatches:

In Dynamo, I try to get the Geometry of the hatches using the Civil3DToolkit (V1.1.22) but my geometry is quite different from what I expected.

There are huge circles and stuff, even when I try to reimport it back to Civil. Anyone knows what’s up?

I’d suggest using querying polylines from civil using PloylineExtensions.GetGeometry node as Paolo has been updating that node more, and then use those to generate new hatches with Hatch.ByGeometry node. If for some reason you don’t have polyline boundaries you can use command HATCHGENERATEBOUNDARY to create polyline boundaries in model space.

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Works for me

@Basbo first, you are on the naughty list for not having shared the log file. I’m going to ignore your messages until you do.

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@Drbohlav where is the log? NL for you too.

Hi Paolo, I can’t find it on my PC (Run → %temp% and look for Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.log). If I were new on this forum I would be lost. It is because I can not find easy any relevant information where to find log file. If I search here the results are only about asking for log file. If I were you I would ask people if it is clear to them where to find the information insted of making naughty list. Maybe I am alone, ingnorant and can’t read. Is it possible to add information about log file to the first post of this thread? If not I am going to make new thread “how to find Civil3DToolkit log file”.

But you are not, also literally the first entry of the search Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread - #630 by Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, I need confirmation that you don’t have the log file, don’t make me ask for it again, there is only one of me and so many of you.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, I am sorry I didn’t include it. Here you go:

If you need any more information, please let me know! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion. I already looked into it, but that command does not place the boundaries on the same layer as the hatches. In my case, I need the layer of the hatch to continue with the script. I’m trying to create a script to determine what areas the Alignment is crossing. Like 25 m grass, 25 m road etc.

I want to move the created solid the depth lower. I thougth that would work with translate. But then you have to convert the geometry. But still I can’t perform this move down. How can this performed?



Yes, I can confirm there is no log file in path C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Temp. The issue is same on colleague computer. We have Czech version of Civil 3D 2021.2. Civil3DToolkit version is 1.1.22. In English version of Civil 3D it works.

Thanks, not going to change it for now as I cannot check all possible localizations.

@Basbo please could share a portion of the drawing that is not returning the correct boundaries? It seems they are not generated from Polylines and this affects the bulge calculations, I’d like to check with your data source.

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@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 thank you for your reply. I’ve attached the DWG below. The geometry (with hatches) is imported with a Dutch plugin called “InfraCAD Map”. I don’t know if this information is relevant to you, but you got it now. :wink:

DYN-RamingVerharding_v0-2.dwg (1.9 MB)

Hi Paolo, after few tests it looks there is problem with template, not with localizations of Civil 3D. I use template, which is based on acadiso.dwt file. Here is dwg file based on this template acadiso.dwg (451.2 KB) Could you please test it? I have same warning result with null as output.