Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread

Safi and I released the Civil 3D Toolkit for Dynamo for Civil 3D on November the 20th 2019.
If you are testing the Dynamo Beta 2 you need to download the 1.0.1 version (the latest).
The intention for this thread is to collect feedbacks from the users and eventually add new functionalities if there is a business / use case we can support with the current APIs.
The more feedback we have the more chances we have to migrate the types and functionalities in Dynamo for Civil 3D.

We realize there is not much of a documentation at the moment as we focused more on the development of the package but we can use this thread to document the business logic and the workflows enabled with the package. Thanks in advance for your collaboration.


Great, I’ll post the first question then already, would very much like to understand the capabilities of the collaboration nodes and Forge. Any examples are greatly appreciated!


@John.DeLeeuw first, you need to have a Forge application and enable it in a BIM 360 Account.

Here you can find out how :

For the package let’s start with a couple of videos:

Forge Nodes:

BIM360 Issues workflow:

Photo workflow:

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Wow @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, that’s some very powerful stuff indeed! Will the Forge trial account be sufficient or do I need a paid one to test this?

you should be fine with the trial, it will expire though

The trial is one year, so I will be fine for the moment :+1:

All the credits go to Safi for the collaboration nodes.

Amazing stuff guys! Safi, a big :clap: for you.

Already I can access our 50+ projects in BIM360 :upside_down_face:

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Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,
I am so excited about the huge additional functionality the Toolkit Package provide. could you please let me know what I am doing wrong here to select existing parcels from the drawing?

Moving steadily forward here but encountering a problem now reading the issues from a project, any idea what is causing the error?

I do have 2 issues in the project, one on a 2D layout and one in the 3D model.

@marshmallow try and select by layer for now, I will have to look at your dataset to check if there is something different from those I used.

This will work

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 , Thanks for the Toolkit update.
I am using the pipenetwork nodes to create the pipe network, it is very convenient when I extract data from the excel.
My question is could the structures be created by closest inner dimension as the pipe node or LandXml did? Because I just stuck in choosing part sizes for the structures. Your help would be much appreciated!!

I’ll see if we can add this feature! Thanks for the feedback

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I’m adding a new Type for the Site from which you can Derive the Parcels

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Hello Paolo,

It was great meeting you at AU. Thanks again for the tips for creating python scripts.

I was playing with your workflow that you presented on in AU about attaching geo-referenced photos to a block in the CAD file through a hyperlink. I think I stumbled into an issue. The script you have online works great for photos taken on an Apple, but have an issue at the Photo.byFilePath node with photos taken on my Android.

Here is one of the photos causing the problem. I’m not sure if the meta data will pass through the post.

Thanks and great work to everyone involved in the new nodes!

@clarsenCNDZF can you select a single file using the FilePath node in Dynamo?