Get all Civil 3D styles and set new names

Hi, I’m looking for way how to get all styles using Python. I am inspired by solution in this thread Get list of styles - #6 by Alex.ColeAAFHE.
TK node for getting all styles doesn’t work for me now Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread - #805 by Drbohlav Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread - #806 by Paolo_Emilio_Serra1.
Here is my first attempt. Any help is appreciated.

D4C3D_Styles_02.dyn (35.0 KB)

Hi @Drbohlav, I unfortunately don’t have time to write any code to help but I can at least point you in the right direction. I would suggest reading through the C3D developer’s guide from 2013 Kindly search for styles in there. Unfortunately with most COM sections in the API the documentation isn’t very good. As you are likely aware you could use the dir(object) method in IronPython to explore what methods each object has available. Hope this helps.

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Hi Drbohlav,
Try to check the package of AMR_CivilDynNodes