Changes in Dynamo for Civil 3D 2022

Hello Civil 3D Dynamo users,

Civil 3D 2022 was released today, so I’m starting this thread for discussion of what has changed with Dynamo in the new version. Here’s are some of my notes so far, but let’s keep adding to this.

Dynamo Core 2.10.1
A big upgrade is that Civil 3D Dynamo is now on version 2.10.1, which means that us Civil 3D users can take advantage of all the latest features of Dynamo Core (Python 3 support, documentation browser, etc.)

No New Nodes…Yet
I was hoping to see some new nodes (maybe rolling in some from the Civil 3D Toolkit??) but I don’t see any differences. It is mentioned as a ‘Planned’ item in the public roadmap, so perhaps there will be a separate update in the future like there was with Civil 3D 2020.

Improved 3D Background Preview Navigation
Those of us in civil engineering are probably very accustomed to working in very large coordinates. This was frustrating at times because the background 3D preview in Dynamo would not perform well with objects far away from the origin:

It looks like the performance is better now!

I think this was probably fixed awhile ago with the Helix updates in Dynamo Core 2.7, but it’s nice that we can take advantage of it now.

Dynamo Player Still Has Bugs
There have been a lot of posts about how trace data is handled with the Civil 3D implementation of Dynamo, especially when using Dynamo Player. In a few of my quick tests it doesn’t look like anything has changed. Perhaps this will also come in a separate update.


Cool, thanks for the announcement. Glad to see the improved model navigation :+1::+1:

No changes in the binding issue? :thinking:

Not that I could tell. Can you test as well?

I am installing 2022 right now. I’ll have a look later this day!

No changes at all… Still saves binding data in the graph.


Does the use of a Function.Apply node surpress them?

FYI if anyone runs into this:

Using the default Python engine (Python 3), if you modify a .py file that is imported into an active Python script node after the Python script is opened, the change will not be detected until you restart Civil 3D and reopen the script.

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It could be a workaround, I can finetune and the objects are updated, and after a restart Dynamo doesn’t touch the final objects (still… workarounds…)

At first glance Dynamo doesn’t save the binding in the drawing anymore but only in the graph. I still can’t find any reason why the data should be in the graph, if binding must be persistent then it must be saved in the drawing (but this leads to endless discussions that are already around on this board).

Another thing, I don’t know if it is only on my computer, but now I don’t have Dynamo in Civil 3D 2021 anymore! Only in Civil 3D 2022. Anyone else who can confirm or disprove?

I still have Dynamo in 2020 and 2021

Ok, thanks for the confirmation. It must be something on my side.

Civil3DToolkit updated today

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Hello Guys.

I created a script on 2020 but did minor edition in 2022 update 1. But I can’t open on 2021 or 2020.

There’s is a way to open it. I saw dynamo core change, are this affect older dynamo Civil3D version?