Dynamo for Civil 3D development


What are your priorities and ideas to develop new nodes to Dynamo?

I have some experience in usage of Dynamo together with Revit and compared to Civil 3D, Civil 3D and Dynamo looks rather poor in options and nodes.


In general expand the OOTB nodes trying not to introduce things that the product team will add anyway.
I’m working on Pipe Networks, Tunnels, Site development, GIS, etc. as well as pure AutoCAD oriented nodes.
What are your priorities?


I am trying to find aplication of Dynamo in hydrotechnical projects. So far it looks a bit like a tool to insert new objects in advanced way along the characteristic lines.

Cool, so please start a new thread so we can decouple any requests from the original post here.

Done and done. :slight_smile:

It would be great if you make it possible to work simultaneously with Civil 3D and Revit via Dynamo.

I want to create adaptive component or just simple parametric family (e.g. culvert with diameter as a parameter) in Revit and then use Dynamo to place this component along the corridor in Civil 3D. I it possible to do somehow already?

Place it in Revit and then move it to Civil via the civil connector. Info here: https://github.com/Autodesk/civilconnection


Hi Paolo, are you also going to look at supporting Object Data (GIS) in DWG?

Hi yes, that is on the Toolkit roadmap too.

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Your current working list would add a lot of value to most Civil 3D workflows.

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Hi Paolo,

I saw your post about Dynamo Civil 3D and GIS (Map).

When can we expect these tools?

Regards, Edward

Mid November time frame after my class at AU Las Vegas.


Don’t be alarmed everyone. That wasn’t an earthquake. Just 100,000 community members marking their calendars in unison… :smiley:


whoahh :slight_smile: