Bypassing 'Changes No Saved' window with Dynamo

Hello everyone,

I’m using BVN Batch Processor + Dynamo Script to run 100+ project files every week.
Nothing crazy, it just scans certain elements of my project files and shoot out a report in Excel sheet.

I would love to run Batch Processor over the weekend when I’m not using the computer. Just let the computer automatically ‘batch process’ these projects.

My problem is, the script works well and the batch processor works well, however I’m always stuck at this window for every project and I have to manually click either save locally or do not save the project. I personally want to click Do Not Save the Project since I have a central file, no need local file.


Eventually BVN batch processor bugs out and don’t know what to click so it gets stuck in an infinite loop = meaning it wont be automatic as I want it to be since it needs person behind the monitor to deal with above window manually.

Untitled Project

I tried multiple ways to bypass this by giving True value to either saveLocalFileBeforeSync or saveLocalFileAfterSync from Document.SynchronizeWithCentral node.


I’m wondering if there are other nodes or packages that I could use in Dynamo where it will either save or skip saving to local so that the window won’t bother.

Please let me know if you have more question
Thank you!

@mrkpkimEMSRM ,

Look here, not exactly your case, but worth reading:

You have to dismiss Revit dialog in Python.

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thanks for the response but shoot I have no good knowledge on Python code… :frowning:
but cool to know that there is a way to bypass it with Python!