Run Dyn files with windows task scheduler

Hi community, is there a way to Run multiple dynamo scripts in order with windows task scheduler ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Stefano,

For information, this is possible with the plugin Orkestra.


Yes Alban…amazing this Orkestra…another thing could be BVN Revit batch processor


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner and @sovitek thank you very much for the fast reply, “Orkestra” and “BVN Revit batch processor” are free plug-in or package?
Thanks for your help

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Hi @paris …BVN should be free;)

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Hi @sovitek
I’m looking at GitHub - bvn-architecture/RevitBatchProcessor: Fully automated batch processing of Revit files with your own Python or Dynamo task scripts! actually I found some examples with standalone python files, I’ll hope to find the way to use it for the multiple dyn file as input and create a task schedule to run there automatically each week-end. Cheers

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Orkestra has free functionality albeit local.


Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus thanks for your reply I’ll check out.

Hi @sovitek , BVN it’s very powerful but I have some issues…

and for “how to get rid of the Save file dialog box”

I can’t find any workaround to make a task schedule. Thanks anyway for the information. Have a good day. Cheers

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Hi @paris

I havent tried at myself…but should be possible i will give it a test

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner and @Marcel_Rijsmus thanks for pointing me out Orkestra plug-in, I’m looking into a website

but I not find any documentation or examples about how to create a task schedule for run multiple dyn files, if possible could you please detail more? Thanks in advance. Cheers

Hi @sovitek yes of course you are right but in my case I’m fall into “Known Limitations / Issues”

and specially into this issue:

have you any workaround about “When I use RBP, it always pops up “Do you want to save changes to XXX.rvt?” So I have to manually click “No” for all the Revit files…” ?
Thank you very much for your time and your help. Cheers

DynamoForAuromation Should manage to do this for you. I believe you have to kick off the process, but one click is better than many.

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@paris …are you sure your Windows and Revit version is in english…

Hi @sovitek I have Windows and Revit in French, and my main problem is the issue about the save button…

Hi @JacobSmall thanks you very much for your reply, I’ll look into that, but it’s working only with Dynamo sandbox? I’m looking for run multiple dyn files with task schedule like with batch utility for navisworks files.

Check closer… Sandbox is used to trigger journal playback of Revit files which runs a list of Dynamo graphs to run in Dynamo for Revit.


Record a number of actions, and play that tune again should be made more easy, but none of the packages make use of it except this one. I saw Andreas demonstrate it at RTC Delft i think, could be a special occasion back then with Harvard Vasshaug there too


Thanks you very much @JacobSmall and @Marcel_Rijsmus for the infomation and for your time I’ll check out, but I think that actually it’s over my skills, I’ll ask for the specialistic guys of the informatics development service & Software development . Have a good day. Cheers

@paris Once you open a journal file and try to read it, it actually isn’t that hard.
There must be some examples on Andreas’s Github pages.
Oh, and study the Dynamo Sandbox command line interface

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