Reason why Revit is asking this question when closing a project?

Hello everyone,

I’m using batch processor to run a dynamo file for more than 50 projects.
However, sometimes I get a request from my coworkers asking to relinquish elements / sync since I made a change in workset and they can’t move forward without my permission.

Its not all 50 projects are causing the problem - they are only few which I can’t really grasp the reason for these problems.

Sometimes when I run Batch Processor, after running a file, it throws a window like this

and doesn’t know what to do (Usually Batch Processor automatically knows which button to click in different situation but this is the window that BP doesn’t know what to do). In result, I think it just cancels instead of saving to central.

I do not want any of my coworkers to keep annoyed by this matter and I’m not sure what the problem is. Is it something that I have to do with BVN setting? I dont want to run them in detached mode.

Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Are there any addins that have “auto update” features like CTC Suite? Those items may cause changes to extensible storage and therefore require a sync.


Thank you very much for your response. I’ll have to check some of those projects that have been throwing problems.

Quick question, what do you mean by extensible storage?

This is a section of the Revit file which is used to store data in the file which doesn’t fit in any existing schema of the file. Could be a chart with lookup tables, raw files for reference, or just about anything really. These are not accessible or even visible to end users, only add-ins. One common use is storing a bit of info about elements in this area, which happens automatically on open.


@JacobSmall thank you for the response!

@SeanP I tried googling where the auto-update function is within Revit but couldn’t find it. I wanted to see if these problematic projects have auto-update on or off - which in my case i want them to be off. Where can I find it? thank you very much!

This isn’t part of Revit, but some add-ins will force such add-ins to occur.

Try opening the project manually and see if you become a borrower of any workset. If so you can narrow down from there.

Don’t forget to check views, families, and all the rest (not just user created worksets).


@JacobSmall Thank you very much!

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Thanks for responding to this Jacob!

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@JacobSmall @SeanP
I just looked through and I am not a borrower of any workset. The problem is when I run the Dynamo script with Batch Processor, the Batch Processor quits without syncing or relinquishing. Do you have any suggestion on which Dynamo package I should use to add a graph that will relinquish at the end of running the script? so that BVN will close after relinquishing the file. or Does it require a python script?

Thank you very much for your time!

You can use the API to relinquish.

Or you could try synchronizing as a part of the graph?

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I don’t know of a node which does this off the top of my head, but I know it’s doable and is in a package somewhere…

I recommend you start by checking Clockwork, Rhythm, Archilab, Genius Loci, and branch down from there.