Replacement of BVN Batch Processor for Revit 2022

Hello everyone!

I’ve been using BVN Batch Processor to run multiple files automatically.
It seems like the developer of the Batch Processor has other commitments and cannot proceed in upgrading it’s version (if you are reading this for some reason - thank you for your effort to share free software and hope you are safe out there!).

Unfortunately the latest version does not accept Revit 2022 files and I’m wondering what are the other replacement programs or softwares that I could use. I already know Clarity but would love to hear back from you guys.

Thank you!

Use the git and update it for 2022.

Also may just be as easy and placing the dll files in the right spots.


DynamoAutomation is one which comes to mind. Written for 1.3 but I think it wouldn’t be too hard to upgrade. There is also Orkestra as another option.

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thank you for the possible solution. I am not too familiar with C# language but I can kinda see the pattern to figure out what to do.

Do you think this process of placing the dll files in the right spots need to be done on Visual Studio Code? or can it be just done from Github?

Typically you can just move them to the right location on your computer and they will work, especially since R21 and R22 both run on the same .NET version. However, I have not dug very deep into the libraries associated with the package specifically so there may be something that it doesn’t like.

RevitBatchProcessor/DeployAddin.bat at master · bvn-architecture/RevitBatchProcessor (

Looks like a good place to look on your machine if you have 2021 already deployed.

set ProjectDir=%~dp1
set TargetDir=%~dp2
set RevitVersion=%~3
set AddinFileName=BatchRvtAddin%RevitVersion%.addin
set SourceAddinFilePath="%ProjectDir%\%AddinFileName%"
set SourceAddinFolderPath="%TargetDir%"
set TargetAddinsDir=%APPDATA%\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\%RevitVersion%
set TargetAddinFolderPath="%TargetAddinsDir%\BatchRvt"
set TargetAddinFilePath="%TargetAddinsDir%\%AddinFileName%"