Batch upgrade families

Hi all,

I’m going nuts here…
This should work right?

I tried it with a longer script also, but that way the directory path didn’t seem to work either…
Am I missing something really simple here?

thnx in advance

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  1. Are you pointing at a directory of RFA files?
  2. Are your files read only?
  3. Do you have sufficient permissions to the files?
  4. If you open a file manually in Revit’s UI what happens?

It asks if I want to update the…freaking model…completely forgot that the families are put into a model…

Guess I will have to open the models in the background then.


Yeah, you could use some of the other Rhythm nodes to open the file if you would like. It has been on my todo list for a while to make an RVT upgrader too, but time is hard to find these days.


Hey Jansen,
Try this instead. Hope it will do.

Last time I used this one.
But it couldn’t close the files for some reason so I’m giving it another go today.

Hi all,
Batch.UpgradeFamilies from Rhythm package really does the job! There is one thing which is not working too well. While I can see that files in the folder have been updated it seems that the node is having trouble with showing the results. I’m working on Revit 2021 in Polish. The warning roughly informs about missing a specific key in the dictionary.
Batch.UpgradeFamilies Warning

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Hi @oliwer.kulpa I have the same warning with a “Batch.UpgradeFamilies” node from the great Rhythm package of @john_pierson but it does the job.


You can use Orchid package… it works well for me