Updating family parameters for several .RVT files

Hi Everyone,

I have Revit families that I have updated manually in terms of adding/modifying parameters.

I have a directory full of .RVT files that I would like to load these family files into. I am making no model changes what so ever, so the point of this is just to take the updated parameters I have created and push them through to a whole bunch of closed .RVT files… Is this possible?
I can do this one at a time very easily, but that would be a little time consuming and I am trying to speed up the process even more. Is there a way to make the File.LoadFamily iterate through multiple Revit files in a directory? If each file has to be opened it is not a train smash, as long as I can automate the opening, loading family and closing process that should be fine.

Any ideas on this?


You would probably need a package to do this, i would recommend the “Orchid” Package. But this is where my knowledge about this ends, maybe search around on the forum. :slight_smile:

Thanks Daan,

I have the Orchid package and have tried a few things, but cant quite seem to figure out how to open a Revit file, load the families then close the Revit file and move on to the next Revit file in the directory and repeat.

Seems to be quite tricky for me :slight_smile:

You can do this with Orchid using the Open in Background node and the various nodes to add (shared) parameters to families. If you check the OrchidForDynamo Github page you will find some samples that do what you are descriving - you might want to check both the AddSetGet and the BulkUpdate samples to get some ideas :slight_smile:

To clarify: this would open all your files in the background, and then perform some operation on them, and then close & save them. If you have to operate on a large number of heavy files it might be impractical - you could then start looking into doing it within a Python node, doing the whole open, load, close inside a loop, or into the Github for Dynamo Automation

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Thanks very much, appreciate that :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look now and see if I can utilize it, thanks for the lead!