Bulk Upgrade/ Batch upgrade

I am trying to create a script for bulk upgrading all revit files in a folder. While running, I am getting a file open and saved multiple times (and getting lot of back ups ) and finally getting blank screen "Unhandle Exception ". What could be the issue?batch update.dyn (14.5 KB)

hmm weird, seems to work at my system, maybe you could try the solution from sixtysecondrevit? always works like a charm for me. =)

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Thanks. I downloaded the file, but I am getting message that node not loaded. I have latest version of Rhythm installed. 05-09-2018%201541

i think the node has been changed, this is the new one.



HI, thanks for this. I’m getting a weird situation where the script is running, a backup folder is appearing yet the original file isn’t saving to an upgraded version.

Any ideas?