RVT Batch Upgrade

hi guys, i am trying to upgrade RVT files from various older Revit versions (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) to my NEW Version 2020.

all files open and upgrade perfectly, but refuse to save. The Rhythm Error message isnt really helpful - “Can’t close the file. It has either been closed, or another weird error”

Strangely enough, upgrades of RFA files work fine with this.

are there any known issues with 2020 ?


Please try eTransmit to upgrade files.

If it’s a Workshared file you’ll most likely need to use a SWC node. I use either from GeniusLoci or Clockwork.
After the Open node use the Passthrough to wait on the SWC.

Would you be kind enough to show in a graph?

Is there a node to click OK when you open the document on fallen off dimensions or somtimes there’s an element to delete

Had the same problem… How did you manage to deal with it @flyboy70?

Hi, i gave up :wink: - saved the really necessary files by hand.

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Hello guys, I have been using this self created graph to upgrade files (rvt and rfa) present on a folder, then another graph to rename the old files (revit will add “.0001” as a backup file

These are the dyn files, if you want to give them a try

31. Rename files.dyn (22.8 KB) 18. File Upgrader.dyn (12.2 KB)