Batch .rvt update



Hey everyone. I am new to Dynamo. I was wondering if there is a way to update multiple .rvt files using Dynamo? I have a few hundred models that need to be updated to 2017 soon. I also know there are programs to buy.



Your a life saver!! thank you!!


I cant seem to find “Document.BackgroundOpen” is that one custom?
what is the very last one? I cant seem to make it out… Looks like “beclean”?


Package “Rhythm”.


Is that last one beclean? [x] true [ ] false


Boolean. I believe I posted the graph.


Thank you! I am just learning this program. I am hoping to find it useful for model Integration :slight_smile:


Of course. If you have any questions, post em! :slight_smile:


HI John,

I keep getting the following error when using the grap

“Warning: One or more of the input types are not matching. Couldn’t find a version of Contents that takes arguments of type (string,string)”

Not sure what i have done wrong?


@andrew_harp do you have a screenshot?



Works great. I have 1 comment and 2 questions:

In the file you posted, it appears you are missing the Directory.FromPath node which shows up in your GIF.

If you use this graph to upgrade old projects and warnings pop up. How will those be addressed? Will they the graph postpone until you address the warning(s)?

I tried running this graph with families, that would be of more use to me. It seems to upgrade just fine, but it doesn’t save copies back to the directories.


Aw yes. If I remember correctly, I think I simplified the example with the list create node. Directory from path works as well.

In regards to warnings, I’ll have to investigate a bit more. I think I’ll go ahead and cause some copy monitor errors in a sample file and go from there. also, I haven’t tested with families too much, but will check out what’s going on.


Appreciate it.

Something else came to mind. Do you know what happens with central models? I’m assuming it doesn’t detach from central.


This one doesn’t. But the API does offer that option.


Hi John! I’m testing your definition and I get an error as well.

My initial intend was to use it to upgrade family templates, but I’ve also tried it with a regular Revit project.

Do you know more about it at this stage?



Shouldn’t you use a Directory.FromPath node after Directory Path?


Perfect, thanks!

John, maybe this should also be added to your graph.


You can also run it with the dynamo player
again thanks @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi! Data-Shapes is great


Just saw this. Thanks for the suggestion!