Bulk Upgrade failure

@john_pierson… any idea why this would fail? Running Dynamo 1.33 and the latest Rhythm package (2018.6.7) on Revit 2017.2.3.

Any thoughts on what’s going on? Or did I overlook a node??

Might be some error messages happening in the files. If you try manually upgrading, do you see error messages?

Nope. Tried different sets of files as well. All just regular Revit OOTB families.

It runs through the process fine and I noticed that it keeps the files open/locked. It’s not closing them.

Are they read only files?

Damn, they were. Funny how it didn’t give a read-only message when opening them from a different location. But sure enough… checked the attributes and “read-only” was ticked.


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Thanks for the feedback too. I will add a check for that and alert the user. It then does not try to upgrade those ones and will also close the files if they are failing too. :slight_smile:

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