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I am trying to batch print to pdf with several .rvt files in a folder. I collected the filepaths and made it a list for the ‘filepaths’ input and chose the views to get. Somehow I keep getting the null value when I try to run the script. Printing a single file seems to work but I can’t get this (multiple formats) to work.

Hi @selim.celem,

I don’t think you use the right node.
Here is an example :

Ah yeah I have figured that the FilePaths, Views and Printsettings need to be the same amount to batch the files. I am busy filtering them by sheetnames, I will update my progress here and ask my questions if needed. Thank you!

Okay I am doing something wrong here, I am trying to get all .rvt files in a document (unopened), print them all to pdf using the same print settings. The only thing I want to filter are the sheets, could you show me an example for this?

Here is another example with a list of documents.
Note that the Revit documents must include the print settings.


I’m getting an error when I use that script:

Edit: Changed “CudePDF Writer” to “CutePDF Writer” but that didn’t seem to fix the error.

Use the longest lacing for several documents on the Print PDF node.

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Can you expand the previews under the GetPAramterValueByName and FileNameToFilePath nodes ?
All the filenames must be different.

All your filenames are invalid.

Try this :

or this :

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Sorry I was occupied for a bit! Going to give it a try now!

The first option worked yeah, but I am trying to filter the list by only printing the wanted sheets instead of all the sheets, right now it prints every possible sheet in the project.

I’m trying to create inputs for choosing 2 sheets, an input for the directory path to choose the files within the document. Doing so I am willing to print every file within the selected directory using the same settings and views. This is a different attempt but I guess ‘selectcategoryindocument’ node is required? Cause I had trouble filtering out sheets using that node because I have several sheets that contains the same word.

View and sheets parameters are typically used to categorize the browser organization.
As you realized it’s complicated by keyword filtering, it’s easier to filter by parameter value.

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hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner

I cant find the node called: Print settings, Filename.ToFilePaths, and Print PDF (Multiple formats)

I havent loaded any packes, do i have to?

and thanks for sharing.

Genius Loci package.

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Thank you.

But i still cant find the one called: Print Settings.

Can it be from another package.

The Print Settings node is from archilab.
You can use instead the Print Settings by Name node in Genius Loci package (but archilab is a really essential package).

Hi All,

I am also trying to use this workflow to batch print a series of drawings. I use a bit of python script earlier in my graph to create a viewSet but then the print node says

“ValueError: Requested value ‘my custom name of pRange’ was not found.”

testing printing pdfs #4.dyn (103.6 KB)

I didn’t understand if the error came from your python script “Create a ViewSet (Print Set) From list of views” of from the Print PDF node.

Please note, you will have twice the suffix “.pdf” in your pdf names with your codeblock and the FilenameToFilePaths node.