Archi lab pdf print

When I try to use this node to batch print with the inputs to the node matching the settings I would use to do it straight from Revit dynamo just prints a single file, overwriting the original pdf for each sheet

What is your query here? Please be more specific.

My query is how do I get this node to produce a batch plot of several, separate, differently named pdfs, because currently the result is that it pdfs each sheet in the view set but gives each one the same name, thus overwriting each previous one in the view set.
It doesnt append the sheet number to the pdf file name.

I assume it’s because you’re only providing one file path. Try getting the view name (or whatever parameter you want) from each view and appending it to your file path so you have one path per view.

It doesn’t seem to work with multiple file path inputs

It doesn’t seem to work with multiple file path inputs
if I print directly from Revit with the same settings as the dynamo pdf plot node inputs, I get multiple differently named files, which is what I want.
If I print from Revit, then delete the resulting pdf plots and then run the graph it works as it should do, but obviously printing from revit directly first defeats the object of the graph

You need to change the lacing of Print PDF to Longest.

Brilliant - thanks Nick

To make this work fully with dynamo play i need a print settings collector similar to the python script that collects the view sets - I don’t know where this came from originally - I made an attempt at tweaking the python script but it didn’t work - anyone have any ideas on this ?

Thanks again Nick. I’m still not quite there as when I plug the print setting result from this node into the print pdf node it completely ignores it (I’ve tested it by selecting a portrait format print setting) It also ignores a direct input from the “print settings” node when I plug that into the input instead. Am I missing something really obvious again ?