Batch plot to pdf

I have made an attempt at plotting a pdf set with dynamo and Im getting a null and I dont know what wrong. Here is what I have so far. Ideally Id like to be able to batch plot 3 view sets separetly, but I was just trying one for now.

Hi @scrowe

You must input as many Filepaths as there are views.
(You can customize the print setting and the PDF name for each view)

For example for 86 views :
86 filepaths and 86 printsettings.

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even if I want it to be a combined pdf?

I remove the CombineFile option in the last version of the Print PDF node because Revit can’t combine sheets with different sizes.
Use the MergePDFs node instead.

You can cycle the printsetting if it’s always the same.

The original Print PDF node from archilab package is simpler if you want (one printsetting and one filepath).

I use the older archilab package because I have files that use the view filter nodes that were removed in the newer version. Is there a way to keep the old version and get the new one?

You can take the .dyf files in the DYF folder of an old version of archilab and drop them in a newer version.
(If the view filter nodes are not in python but in C#, you can’t do that)

Did you succeed in your print ?

I managed to get it to print a bunch of pages separately but Im confused where to incorporate the merge pdf node
Thanks so much for helping me!

I’m glad it worked.

The easiest way to use the MergePDFs node is to make a separate graph :
(TargetPdf input is your filepath/name of combined pdf file)

Or you can combine it with the Passthrough node from Clockwork :

So I tried it with the passthrough, it almost works i get an error on the merge pdf node saying
“Warning: Merge.MergePDFs operation failed.
The document has no pages.”

But it still creates a merged pdf file…however the file is corrupt everytime and can not be opened.

Id like to try to do it in one graph so the other people using it here dont have to constantly open two graphs to pdf all files at the end of the day

Here is a nother example :

In the example above the MergePDFs node depends of the speed of your virtual pdf printer.
The passthrough node doesn’t work well with some virtual printers.

Recently added print nodes in the Orchid package…

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I really can’t find the merge node in any Genius Loci package

Hi Thomas,

You can find the MergePDFs node in Genius Loci package version 2018.12.10 (and previous versions).

For the moment, I don’t include anymore this C# node in the package until I’ve found a fix.
You can find an explanation in this topic if you’re interested :

You can make a “View Sheet Set” and print that to one combined pdf…

My nodes works exactly as if you were printing from inside Revit…

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Hi Erfajo,

I downloaded the orchid package but the print node doesn’t allow multiple formats to be printed out all at once. In de Genius Loci package there is one node that does allow multiple formats but it doesn’t combine alle the files.

Revit does not have the ability to combine multiple formats by itself.
That’s why I wrote the MergePDF node.
But the external library used (dll) ITextSharp crash Revit during the update of the package on Dynamo 2.0.
That’s why I temporarily abandoned this node.

Thank you for the update. So at the moment it’s not possible to combine files in Dynamo 2.0.
I will combine them manually.

It works perfectly with the old version of the Genius Loci package that I mentioned in Dynamo 2.0.
But there can be a Revit crash during the installation / update with the package manager. Despite this, the package and the node MergePDF will still be perfectly installed and functional.