Batch plot to pdf

Thank you, i got the merge pdf working. I use the wait then passthrough node from bakery so it waits 3 seconds before merging the files.

I’m glad it works for you ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for feedback, I have coded a node for merging pdf’s please update Orchid to the 7005 build. My node works in both Dynamo 1.3.x and 2.0.x

Home.dyn (4.2 KB)


I have done pretty much the same thing here and the script says it runs, but for some reason it isn’t creating any pdf’s. I am using PDFCreator instead of adobe.

Use the Print PDF (multiple formats) node in Genius Loci package instead.
The original Print PDF node has no input for the filenames (filepaths).

I switched nodes and it now shows all the final results as empty sets (null)

Don’t use longest lacing and flatten your lists of inputs.