How to print multiple PDFs with different paper size

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I need to generated more than 300 pdfs with variables paper size, with the Revit’s print system, I have to create a View Set by paper size… Its so slow.
Cause of that, i’m trying to create a program with Dynamo to print all the sheets with the correct paper size automatically.
For this, the program read the View Set and get the sheets with ArchiLab’s node, simultanislly the program read all the title blocck in the file and make a list map. Then get the parameters Sheet Height and Sheet Width… So far so good.
To print the PDF files, I using the node Print PDF by

If you know how to help me, I would be much apreciate!

Are you able to get it to print a single sheet at the correct size?

I can’t do work the screen shot program.
But if use only the Print Pdf node, I can print with the correct size. The problem is the node use the Print Setup with the select paper size, and print only with this size. If you want print diferrent sizes on batch, this node don’t work.

I’m not familiar with this node, but you’re saying it works fine with a single PDF (or PDFs of the same size) because you specify the paper size in Print Settings? If this is the case you just need to create print settings for each print set/sheet size. If you have all the correct inputs for each set you should be able to get this to work with the proper list levels.


Thanks for help!

I did a filter by the tittle block on sheet, and its working!
But now I have other problem, the Print PDF node is not workin :frowning:
I created the print settings “A4” to papers 297X210mm, but on the moment that has printing the PDF, they printed in paper A3 size, that is the paper size that i have selected on “Adobe Printter Settings”. Look the screen shot.

Thanks for attention


Hi @acoimbraf

Have a look at the thread linked below, it may help you with your problem.

The graph picks up all sheet sizes/orientations from the titleblock name and assigns the print settings to each one.



Thanks Jordan!

It’s working.
To make more easy to other people, I will publish the graph thata is working and write what is happend on any nodes.

Thank so much!


I’m looking forward for your dynamo eventhough you don’t have all the details about the nodes yet.



We have developed a plugin that does that in a very expedite way. It supports multiple orientations too in the same operation, and custom sizes too.

can you please share the DYN file to me? many thanks.


Could you please share your solution?

Thank yo in advance!


You will find some custom nodes with the names of the packages and some examples in this topic :

Thank you for your answer.
It seems that the Print Settings node doesnt work properly. For the 'Set 1 - Settings ’ I have a paper size 297 x 800. When the pdf is created the size is A4.

And here is the message that I receive each time that in Revit I create a custom paper size