Batch add shared parameters to families in project from .txt file with ui.multipleinputform ++

The workflow works great, but it would allow even greater flexibility to the user, to be able to specify in a family level - rather than Category level as it currently is- to add the shared parameters.

I think it is not possible without modifying the code though is it?


Hi @i.tzivanidis
I gave it a shot since the question was asked on the blog,
I checked online to see if there was something available before diving into it myself, I wasn’t disapointed! :slight_smile: @Dimitar_Venkov had already proposed some really nice code :

So I added that to my workflow with UI.MultipleInputForm++, and just added a little code to get all families in the project :

Add shared params to families.dyn (29.4 KB)


Hello Mostafa and thanks again for the workflow!
Works splendind for type parameters and saves me typing and boredom. But for instance parameters i get this error:

I suspect is something in line 33 of the code?



@i.tzivanidis ,
I tested it with revit 2016 and dynamo 1.2, it works for me :

What are the category of the family and the parameter group you try to add shared parameters to?

Identity_data I will try it again in another family maybe its instance specific

@i.tzivanidis I know that some parameter groups are not available in all family categories…
But also I just read the error you got. When you get that error, try restarting dynamo. It usually does the trick

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Hello @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, The workflow helped me A LOT since last post but now i get this issue:

Any ideas?



Hi @i.tzivanidis
It’s hard to say just from what I see in your screenshot… Could you provide enough material to reproduce the issue (a dummy file with the family you try to add the parameter to + a .txt containing the parameter would help)?

I sorted it. It was an issue with the particular family!

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Hi Mostafa,

Thank you for this workflow I appreciate everything you’ve done I would like to add shared parameter to the actual family so for the next time the shared parameter is there do I use the same script or edited version your support is much appreciated.


@Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, sorry I try to use the script of Dynamo but all the custom nodes are missing, please can you advise of which Dynamo package is used? I searched for UI.MultipleInputForm++ to see if it is the package but not.

@RubenVivancos try “Data-Shapes” from the package manager

the Parameter Group from Archilab is missing…
what is the alternative node for this?

Looking at this currently - try ‘Parameter Groups’ from the Archilab (2022.212.3221) package.