Add shared parameter in family file front shared txt file

Hi to everyone,
I’m new in this forum and I’m new also in dynamo.
I’m searching for a dyn file that add some shared parameter from a txt to an opened family *.rfa file.
I saw some other posts, but in that case they put the shared parameter in a project file.
What i’m looking for is to put the shared parameter directly in the family file.
Many thanks to everyone can help me.

Hi there,
If you don’t want to get this python I would start using the search tool and read a little bit more.

Look at this:


Thanks Manuel_Fernandez, you are very nice!!
I’m not a coder, and this is not my work…
i have read some topic on the forum but all the topic refer to family inside a project. The only topic that come close to my needs is this:
unfortunatly this topic has no reply…

You’re welcome Simonne.

You are not gonna belive that, but you are right, I’m very nice that’s why I’m gonna tell you sth instead of ignore you.

You are not asking for help, you are asking for a DYN file.

I’m not a coder too, and this is not my work too.

Cheers mate!


In fact, i’ve tryed to modify some of the files… specifically shown in this topic:

this works fine in a project and, with some little modify just put specific parameter in the family, but the original rfa doesn’t update.
if someone is able to show me how to proceed with the code in a .rfa file, i can try to do it by myself…

Hi there,

I would start working with this node from Orchid Package:




Sorry, I’ve tryed but i think it’s too mutch for me… wave white flag and surrend!

Look at here:

Maybe you get a clue for your script

I add some shared parameters to a folder of families with an excel file