Batch Assign: Shared Parameters to Categories from txt with existing GUIDs

I’ve been playing around with the default “Parameter.CreateSharedParameter” node, and it works. . Sort of.

But only if you don’t care about the GUIDs.
When i am using this default node with some prepared data from excel I am able to generate “new” shared parameters and assign those newly generated shared parameters to categories of my choosing.

My Problem is that i already have a shared parameter txt file with specific names, GUIDs and various properties that i wish to batch assign to specific categories across multiple Revit models.
It is super important for me that the GUID stays the same, hence my problem with this method.

Is there a kind soul who would care to point me in the right direction?
(I only need to assign existing shares parameters to categories within project, Not individual families.)

I’ve been searching like a mad man, the closest link i found so far was this.
However i don’t seem to be able to download the content anymore.


Hi @Bartholin,

You can indeed add shared parameters with the Data-Shapes nodes. Another alternative is to use the Genius Loci nodes (and visualize the GUID).

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Thank you for sharing! I decided to start with Data-Shape.

I’ve managed to move forward a bit. I am now wondering if it is possible to control parameter groups for each parameter from list or not. My script doesn’t seem to work.

However if use a single node of “Select BuiltIn Parameter Group” for all parameters they all seem to be assigned to category.

Any ideas how i could control Parameter Group in excel for each parameter?

Image of script that doesn’t work

Image of script that kinda works


You must use the longest lacing to assign several Parameter groups.

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Thank you mister!
Exactly the type of input i needed. Thanks for taken the time to assist. Much appreciated.

I managed to make it work, however it may look silly to some of you experienced users.
(Beginner at work).


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner

Can you please help me on this issue