Batch add shared parameters to Revit families

I’m new to dynamo and a useful tool would be to batch-add shared parameters to families. I have standard shared parameters for specific families (for example, a fan always gets a horse-power parameter). That could be 10+ shared parameters I have to manually add to a family.

There are already threads, but nothing that I seem to understand or can use to make it work. those threads have custom nodes, but I can’t read or edit them and also like to understand how it works instead of just copying some code.

Could someone point me to how to do that? I realize I some how have to read the shared Parameter txt file, select which parameters I need, and add them to a family. I understand this may be a large project for a beginner, but is one I would use a lot and it would teach me a lot.

I don’t think there are Dynamo packages that will facilitate this.
I have been experimenting with adding family parameters bit in the past and some experience with Python is going to get you where you want to go.
With python you’re first going to want to get the family object you want to add the parameters to. After that you can add the parameters using the Family Manager object. See this thread for reference: Adding parameters to a family

Hi @enkus
which version of Revit do you use? For this task maybe try Orchid and Rhythm packages. Cheers

I use Revit 2021. I had dynamo install the Rythm package and will play with that. I’m still struggling to the Orchid package (our IT department doesn’t allow exe files to run, so need to work around that).

I’m just starting to dig into Python. My python skills are worse than my nearly zero Dynamo skills so far.

Hi @enkus any news? Have you installed Orchid package to do the trick?

Thanks for checking. Sorry, I got distracted… i made it my goal for each design project i take some time to create alt least one Dynamo program that somehow makes life easier or benefits that project.

I had tried to install orchid. But out of dynamo I only can install a read-me file that tells me to download from a website. That seems to give me an exe-file.
Problem is, our IT had installed an applocker software and that doesn’t allow executables without approval by IT (and that requires the vendor to give me security data etc…). So I only can use packages that I can install via Dynamo, or in some other way that is not an actual installation and executable.